The Finest Yarn In The World!

The Fibre Company Alpaca Yarn
I bet you have been driving in the country, looked out the window and wondered at the strange animal you saw! That was probably an alpaca.

About twenty years ago, in the 1980's, alpacas were first imported into the United States. They came from the high plains of southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia.

Alpacas normally have a relatively long, trouble-free life span. The genus of the Lama family includes llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas. They are truly unique, playful and all around wonderful creatures.

The llama has coarse fleece, but the alpacas has a soft, silky fleece. Their fleece, cherished by the Inca people, was called “The Fiber of the Gods”. The alpaca fiber is like cashmere and is warmer, softer, and stronger than wool. It is not as prickly. The fleece comes in more than twenty-two colors, so much more than any other fiber producing animal. When they are shorn, the average yield is five pounds. This alpaca fleece is then spun into the finest yarn in the world. Baby alpaca yarn is super-fine. The fineness of the baby alpaca yarn is vital to the yarn's “spinning” limit. This process dictates the given count of yarn, the fineness of the fiber and the greatest number of fibers in a cross-section. There is a more consistent yarn diameter in baby alpaca yarn and so it gives it strength and makes it feel silky.

People with allergies can wear garments made from alpaca yarn with no adverse effects as opposed to wool. It is moisture wicking with a low moisture absorbing rate making for better warmth and comfort. Alpaca yarn is non-flammable unless it is in direct contact with a flame. It's strength and elastic qualities makes garments especially durable. Alpaca yarn maintains an “as new” appearance and the garments don't lose their shape.

FYI: The Plymouth Alpaca yarn skein is 363 yards of superfine alpaca with seven stitches to one inch using US 4 knitting needles. The Plymouth Alpaca yarn comes in Brush, Grande, Bulky, and Chunky.