NobleKnits Knitting Games during the Olympics!

I am counting down the hours to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games! Why? Because I love to sit, watch the Games and knit! It's a great time to accomplish A LOT of knitting. I'll be marking the opening ceremonies by casting on a new knitting project and knitting as much as possible while enjoying the games and cheering for my favorite athletes.

Join us daily here on our blog, Twitter, Facebook page, and Google+ while we host our own "knitting games" during the event. We'll have give giveaways, fun games, knitting and Olympic trivia, and even some secret sales for those participating in the event.

Not only will I be knitting a few new projects, but I'm also going to try and finish knitting some of those WIPs that have been hanging around. What will you knit during the Olympics?

Let the knitting begin!