GoKnits Pouch: A Knitting Bag That Goes Everywhere

Just arrived! The GoKnits Pouch - this handy little knitting bag allows you to knit anywhere and everywhere while keeping your yarn neat, clean and tangle free.
It's made of durable rip stop nylon and is machine washable. Available in lots of fun colors, there's a perfect shade for every knitter. Use the GoKnits Pouch for your small projects such as hats, mittens, socks, baby items, and more. Want to know more about the GoKnits Pouch?
Watch a How to Use the GoKnits Pouch from designer, Jennifer Lippman-Bruno

Hi, it's Nancy Queen again from NobleKnits and we are here with Jennifer Lippman-Bruno from KnowKnits and she is going to tell us about the KnowKnits bags. So, Jennifer, what can we do with this little bag? "With the GoKnit Pouch, push the little plunger, open it up. Inside, put the yarn that you are working with. There is an interior loop, thread your yarn inside the loop and snap it shut. Use the drawstring to close the bag and lock it down with the plunger. There is an exterior loop that you can attach to your handbag, your belt, if you are on a plane, with kids, pets - it keeps your yarn clean. As you are knitting, just pull your yarn right from the bag - it keeps it neat, clean and tangle free." That's great! Thanks so much.

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Happy knitting!