What is Lace Knitting?

Lace Knitting - Fickle Knitter's Fluid Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern
Lace knitting is often daunting to new knitters. Let's find out, what is lace knitting? Simply put, lace the process of making holes in knitting. The most elementary style of lace knitting is using large needles to create open "lacy" stitches.
Lace knitted in its simplest form - An overall lacy stitched pattern
CocoKnits Weekend Wrap Knitting Pattern
How is Lace Knitting Made?
Using basic stitches knitting and purling and combining them with next level techniques such as "yarn over" and "knit 2 together" allow you to create interesting patterns. These techniques allow you to increase and decrease the number of stitches on the needle. Lace patterns can be simple and repetitious or more complex. 
An example of lace knitted at a bulky weight - Rustic Lace Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
Knit Lace at Any Gauge
Most people think the only type of lace is that found on intricate doilies using the finest gauge yarns -not true! Lace can be knitted at any gauge from lace weight to bulky weight yarns. It's amazing to see the difference between the finished results of both - but the knitting techniques used to create lace at any gauge is always the same. 

How are lace patterns written?
The scariest part knitting lace, for most people, are the patterns themselves. They look overwhelming at first glace. Lace patterns are either written or charted - often times designers include both written and charted instructions. That way you can choose which method that works best for you. If you take each row of instruction or line of the chart a bit at a time, lace knitting easy and fun to do.

How to Insure Perfect Lace Knitting
Until you get the hang of lace knitting, why not add a knitting lifeline? Lifelines are just a row of waste yarn strung through a previous row, so that if you to make a mistake, it won't involve hours of frustration. You'll be able to simply rip back to the lifeline and continue your project.
An example of Eyelet Lace - New Street Knitter's Bobble and Eyelet  Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern
Eyelets Are Lace, Too!
Putting a bit of lace in a knitting project is known as eyelets. They are holes found in a primarily overall knitted piece - usually laid out in an aesthetic stitch pattern.

Pretty on Both Sides
Even though lace knitting has a right and wrong side, lace always looks pretty on either side. That makes it ideal for knitting shawls, wraps, and scarves.