The Personal Touch of Knitting Shawls

Christel Seyfarth Bon Bon Shawl

In today’s fashion, shawls are considered to be a stylish accessory to any wardrobe, the typical wardrobe accessory of versatility.

A shawl is an item of clothing that drapes beautifully and is worn around the shoulders, upper body and arms. A shawl can be used in order to keep warm or to add to a formal look, like with an evening gown, or using a shawl to add a casual look to your wardrobe. The style of a shawl depends on its intended purpose.

Knitting shawls for the purpose of a formal event is usually made in a lacy type design, where as a shawl made for warmth can be a lot of styles such as a cable knit. With the yarn styles available today, there is a large variety of styles and looks available to make a shawl. Knowing the purpose of the shawl will also help determine the type of yarn and pattern you will want to use. Each knit pattern provides step by step instruction. There is five basic shapes to shawls, most patterns are based on the basic shawl designs, yet each knit shawl you make is unique.

Knitting a shawl will add a more personal touch to the accessory, whether it is made for you or as a gift, but the thought of it can be a bit intimidating. Knitting a shawl can be easy or difficult. Knitting patterns are labeled from easy to experienced skill levels and can be a basic pattern to something lacy. Shawl patterns are available in a large assortment of sizes and styles. Shawl patterns will also let you know the amount of yarn needed to complete the project as well as the needle size needed. Any weight of yarn works for knitting shawls, a heavy or bulky yarn works well for warmth or a cotton thread for a lacy or light weight shawl, as long as you always use the correct size needle. Don't let a lace pattern keep you from trying, they have easy to experienced patterns for knit lace as well.

If you are looking for a good summer project or just wanting to add experience to your skill, knitting a shawl is a good way for beginners; it takes time and a lot of repetition for perfecting stitches and gives a personal touch to your shawl. Wrap yourself or a loved one in one of your handmade, knitted shawls.