Dinosaur Pals

Dinosaur Knitting Pattern
Many people, both women and men, have taken up knitting as a hobby in recent years. People knit for different reasons including making handmade gifts for family and friends. They like the thought of giving gifts that are more personal. There are patterns for knitters to use for various projects including a dinosaur knitting pattern. If someone has a dinosaur fan in their family these cute dinosaur pals would make a wonderful gift.

Kids of all ages love dinosaurs and finding knitting patterns to make one in a child's favorite colors would be an adorable gift. The patterns have detailed instructions that are easy to follow and understand. There are lots of pictures included with the instructions so a person can see, as well as read, how these cute dinosaurs are made. There are helpful hints along with the instructions including the tip on using thicker yarn for a bigger dinosaur. A person is able to make a family of dinosaurs in different sizes by using a different thickness of yarn on each one.

The color of yarn is up to the person knitting and any color combination can be used to make these striped dinosaur pals. As long as a person has 150 to 200 yards of the main color and 100 to 150 yards of yarn for the contrasting color they will be able to knit a dinosaur with these cute knitting patterns. If a person wants to get really creative, they can use a mixed color yarn with a plain color to have a unique and special pal. The needles needed when using these knitting patterns are just a set of double pointed needles. Another tip is to use smaller needles than the yarn states because the stuffing will not be visible.

Any child, young or old, would love to find a new friend sitting on their bed made using one of these cute knitting patterns. Girls and boys alike love dinosaurs and what better gifts than a new friend like a Brontosaurus or T-Rex. Once these adorable little stuffed toys are finished they have eyes and smiles on their faces to greet their new owners. These fun pals are washable—just follow the instructions on the yarn.

When someone is able to knit they are able to make so many different types of gifts for loved ones. When they use one of the dinosaur knitting patterns to create special pals for all the dinosaur fans in their lives, they will be spreading joy, happiness, and smiles.