Adding Colorful Art Yarn to Your Projects

Art Yarn Beaded Silk Mohair and Sequins Yarn
If you enjoy making projects, from yarn, there are a number of art yarns that can add a great deal of excitement to whatever you are making. Some of these yarns have sequins and others have beads. Some of them actually have both of these to add interest to your project.

These yarns are available in many different types. For example, if you enjoy making baby items, blankets, or garments the Supermerino Yarn offers a great product. It also comes in a variety of colors such as Sorbet, Mint Julep, and Chocolate Raspberry. This is a machine washable worsted yarn so it is soft and bouncy. It is available in rich, variegated shades. It is made from 100 per cent merino super wash yarn. There is also the Ultramerino 4 Superwash Wool Yarn. This is an extremely soft, bouncy, hand dyed yarn. This yarn is great for projects such as socks. The interesting colors, such as mulberry and hydrangea, make it an interesting choice. Due to it being twisted so tightly this yarn feels almost like cotton. It is made from 100 per cent merino wool.

Art Yarn Silk Mohair offers an exquisite finish. It is hand dyed. This multi-colored yarn comes in a mixture of colors including sage, pumpkin, blossom, and charcoal. Art Yarn Silk Mohair is great to use as the main yarn and it also works well as a trim. It consists of 80 per cent silk and 20 per cent mohair. It allows for 4.5 stitches per inch. Regal Silk Yarn is a truly luxury yarn. The beautiful mulberry color adds excitement to any project. It offers an amazing drape as well as a supple sheen. The Regal Silk Yarn is 100 per cent silk. If you are interested in creating a beautiful scarf, a shawl, or even a cardigan the art yarns of beaded pearl and sequins yarn will be your perfect choice. It is available in numerous colors such as midnight and pink champagne. This yarn is 100 per cent silk with glad beads and sequins.

Another unique yarn is Art Yarns Beaded Silk Mohair and Sequins. If you like a variety of colors, such as ocean, charcoal, or blossom there are surely colors to meet your needs. This yarn, made from 80 per cent silk and 20 per cent mohair, also has glass beads and sequins. If you are a beginning knitter or someone who has been making projects for a number of years, then you will find that these colorful yarns are a spectacular way to be creative and make items that can be beautiful due to the varied colors. You will also find that the colorful yarn even makes your projects more enjoyable to begin as well as to complete.