Yarns, Yarns, & More Yarns

Shibui Blanket Knitting Pattern
There are all types of yarn.  You can make all kinds of things; from hats to socks to baby blankets.  Women all over the world get something made of yarn at baby showers, wedding showers etc.  It brings a personal touch to any gift if it is homemade.  Not only is it used to make a gift however it is also very fun to use as well.  Each project that you take one may need a different type though. What is wonderful is that there is even hand dyed yarn! That can be very important especially if it is a specific gift; for example a baby blanket.

Baby yarn is designed for use of babies, or people with sensitive skin.  This is going to be much softer than normal.  That way is soft for the touch of the baby.  You wouldn’t want something scratchy on you newborn that is why most people who make baby blankets etc. use the baby yarn.

Sock yarn is primarily used in the making of socks, of course. Everyone loves to wear warm cozy socks in the winter.  It is great to have some nice homemade socks that you love during the cold days.  Sock yarn is normally light in weight and can be made in a number of different materials.  It is made with a mixture of fibers that allows the sock yard to be more durable and hold up. 

One of the most unique types is the hand dyed yarn.  This can come in a sock yarn or a baby yarn.  It is full of color and a lot of people like this because of how bright it can be.  Some people like to use this type for hats, scarves, and even gloves because of how many different types there can be hand dyed.

There are many types of yarn out there now days, and all of them are unique and wonderful.  One of the great things about having this many types of is that it allows your imagination make magic. You can let your creation run wild and make all kinds of wonderful things.  Whether you are wanting to make a wonderful scarf, hat and glove set to match your favorite jacket or if you are making a baby blanket and beanie for your new niece on the way.  There will be a great variety with different colors and textures just for you to help make your craft!