Try Something New

Entrealc Capelet Pattern

Wanting to try something new? Needing a fun way to pass the time? Feeling crafty? If you are bored with your usual hobbies, try knitting. Whether you have never knitted before in your life, or you are an expert, knitting can provide endless possibilities for entertainment. Knitting has been scientifically shown to ease stress and pain. Whether knitting for yourself, or making items for charity, knitting by itself has been shown to be therapeutic.

Similar looking to the “argyle” design, Entrelac knitting patterns in clothing and fabrics are considered to have provided some of the most attractive and fashionable accessories. Knitting itself has origins that date back to ancient Indian, Persian, and many Chinese cultures. These ancient cultures often believed that the knitting skill displayed wealth, status, and eased tension and stress. Furthermore, knitting clothing was considered an essential skill for making the necessary garments, until the invention of the knitting machine. The invention of the knitting machine made knitting a leisure activity. Nevertheless, knitting can be a time consuming, fun activity, one that can also provide an eclectic wardrobe of socks, hats, scarves, and sweaters. In general, it is a fairly easy knitting technique to pick up, even for novice knitters.

This type of knitting entails starting with the knitted triangular base. Entrelac knitting patterns can vary in size, design, and color in order to suit the knitters liking, but the triangles usually consist of four or six interlocking stitches. While diamonds are generally six to 10 interlocking stitches. Afterwards the patterns reflect a diamond checkerboard pattern, created by picking up the loops in the top of the stitches and side and then working through them with the knitting needle and former stitches in order to bind them together. The top left corners are generally triangular in shape as well. With a quick Google search, one can find a variety of beginner to advanced videos on how to start or advance your entrelac knitting.

Entrelac knitting can be made with one colored strand of yarn or intertwined with various colors creating unique and colorful constructions. Although it looks like continuous strips of fabric interwoven together, with entrelac knitting each diamond and block of the design is individually knitted.

Incorporating the entrelac design into your knitting can be a fun, inexpensive, and innovative way to shake up your routine and the patterns in your closet. The entrelac design will definitely add flare to your wardrobe. Knitting is a fun hobby and a great way to feel in control of a project.