Tipsy Tuesday: What's the difference between a hank, skein, or ball of yarn?

We get this question so often - What is the difference between a hank, skein, or a ball of yarn?

Hi, It's Nancy Queen from with your Tipsy Tuesday quick knitting tip of the day. Today's focus is on a hank, skein or ball of yarn. How can you tell the difference between these 3 types of yarn? What a hank, skein, and ball is simply the way the manufacturer, designer, or fiber artist want to present the yarn to you. 

A yarn ball is just like it sounds a round ball of yarn. It pulls from the outside, you simply remove the label and pull the yarn from the outside to begin knitting. 
A skein is put together like a long tube and you can either pull these from the center or pull from the outside. But, that's what a skein is.
And finally, is a hank. A hank is usually used for luxury yarns and a lot of hand dyed yarns. Let me show you why. When unwrapped, you'll see it's actually a big loop. You have to roll ( or wind) this into a ball before knitting it. The reason why it comes in a hank is because when the spinner or the dyer makes this yarn, it's easiest way for them to put it up. When they are hand dyeing it, then they can just dye the sections - see how you can see the dyed sections. Then when it is wound, you have a really beautiful variegated yarn.
So, that's the difference between a hank, skein, and a ball. Thanks for watching!