New Ruffle Yarn: Plymouth Joy Rainbow

Plymouth Joy Rainbow is the newest ruffle yarn to hit the knitting world! This one has holes on one side of the ribbon and contrasting color tipped edges on the other side creating a pretty, colorful edge. One skein makes a fast, fun to create scarf (shown above). 

Plymouth Joy Rainbow Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

You will need: 

Approx. Finished Size: 3” x 48” 

Knitting Instructions: Spread open the mesh. Turn sideways so that the rainbow effect is at the bottom. Cast on 6 sts across the top edge using a size US 10 needle. Knit through the top edge openings - one opening for the first stitch of every row, then skip a track hole each time for the other stitches of the row. Knit every row.

The entire pattern is shown above, but you can also download a PDF version

Happy knitting!