Knitting accessory that has it all: Clover Knit Mate!

This is one of my favorite knitting accessory sets - the Clover Knit Mate! It comes with all of the knitting accessories a beginner knitter needs.
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Hi again, it's Nancy Queen from and I'm here to talk to you about the little kit that every new knitter needs. The Knit Mate from Clover - this little kit has all of the notions you are going to need to get started knitting. It comes nicely packaged in a little vinyl pouch with zip-top closure. I'm going to take everything out so you can see what's in here! 
First it comes with a flexible tape measure. It goes to 60" and has inches on one side, centimeters on the other. Perfect for measuring your gauge, the length of a sweater, cuffs, lots of things that you need to measure in knitting. 
It also comes with a set of locking stitch markers in two sizes.  
There are also two finishing needles - a Chibi gold needle and a regular finishing needle. What is nice about the Chibi Gold needle is that it's a little bit thicker so it's good for sweater yarn. It also has a bent tip that makes it easier to find your needle when sewing together bulky knits. All that comes in it's own little vinyl pouch as well. 
And then, we have double ended stitch holders. What's nice about these stitch holders is that you can slide the stitches on one end and slide them off on the other end. You get two of these double ended stitch holders in the kit. They are good for knitting socks, or when knitting shoulder seams together and you need to hold the stitches. 
There is also a needle gauge included in the set. So if you don't know what size your knitting needles are, you just insert your needle into the holes and the gauge on the side will tell you exactly what needle size it is - this is a great tool to have.
This is a stitch counter or row counter so you can keep track of your knitting rows. It goes up to 99 and there is a little wheel on each end so you can change the numbers. There's a hole in the center so you can slide it down to the end of your needle. When you've finished a row, you just turn the wheel to the next number and it helps keep track of your knitting so you'll never forget what row you are on.
And finally, there are two little sets of rubber point protectors. They are perfect for keeping your needle points from poking a hole in your knitting basket or bag. They are also good for keeping your stitches from slipping off your needles. There is a smaller size that is green and a larger size that's purple.
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Clover Knit Mate at NobleKnits
Happy knitting!