Get Interested in Knitting

Beginner Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Knitting is an enjoyable inexpensive hobby, a wonderful way to make gifts for family and friends, and easy to do. With easy knitting patterns available in craft or department stores or on the Internet, a first project may turn out to be one that is valued for years. Beginner knitting patterns will include all the instructions on how to cast on, how to knit various stitches and how to make a scarf or afghan. Beginner scarf knitting patterns are available in a variety of pattern, sizes and colors. They make great gifts for those who live in the colder parts of the country.

When first learning how to knit, purchase a beginners guide to knitting. You must learn to recognize knitting abbreviations so a pattern can be followed. Purchase knitting needles that are called for in the instructions; they will probably be size 8 or ten. Yarn is sold in craft stores and department stores and comes in a variety of thicknesses and fibers. Three ounce skeins are the most common and instructions will call for the amount needed for the first project. Beginners may want to choose an easy project, one that is straight knitting with no increasing or decreasing. This is why scarves are popular for the beginner. Beginner hat knitting patterns may be best for a second project. A hat may require decreasing which is a little more advanced and requires a bit of practice.

One of the first steps in beginner knitting patterns is casting on. Beginner's instructions will give directions on how to knit. They will tell exactly how much yarn is needed, what size needles are required, the size of the finished item, what type of yarn is needed, and the type of stitch that the pattern calls for. It is best to work on a practice piece before starting a larger project. Practice different stitches, practice increasing and decreasing, and practice casting off. This gives the beginner a chance to learn different types of stitches. It is exciting to learn a variety of stitches with a variety of colors.

A more advanced knitter may choose to use circular knitting needles. Circular needles are used for hats, mittens, slippers, socks and a variety of other items. Using circular needles eliminates the need for sewing seams. A hat made with straight knitting needles will have to be sewn together with a craft needle which has a hole large enough to thread the yarn. Have a pair of scissors and a crochet on hand so that loose ends can be tucked in when the project is complete. Mistakes are easily made and everyone, even an experienced knitter, makes them from time to time. When this happens a row may have to be ripped out. It takes patience and practice to fix a mistake. If it is ignored, the finished project may have a hole in it or the edges may not be straight. Easy knitting patterns will tell the beginner exactly how to fix a mistake. When looking at beginner scarf knitting patterns and beginner hat knitting patterns, be sure the instructions are easy to follow.