Tipsy Tuesday: Ruffle Yarns Quick Knitting Tip

Do you love knitting with ruffle yarns, but hate having to stop and open the ribbon while you are trying to knit it?
There are a lot of knitters with that same problem! 
Here's our Tipsy Tuesday Quick Knitting Tip

Hi, It's Nancy Queen from I'm here with a Tipsy Tuesday Quick Knitting Tip. 
Today we are going to talk about ruffle yarns and how to knit them. Sometimes, when ruffle yarns are on the ball (or skein), the ribbon is all squished and smashed together and in order to knit them, you actually need to open up the ribbon. We've had this question quite a bit on Facebook and some of our friends on Facebook have answered the question of how they've made knitting with these yarns a bit easier. We're going to share some of those tips with you today. We've gotten some really good ideas.

  1. One knitter recommended that you just take your ribbon (and ruffle) yarn and rewind it into a ball, keeping the ribbon flat as you wind.
  2. Another knitter suggested to use an empty paper towel tube or toilet paper tube. Open the yarn up and wrap it around the tube and it's ready to knit.
  3. And finally, our third knitter was successful wrapping her ruffle yarn around a book. If you hold the yarn on the smaller side, you can open it up easier because the thicker, more weighted side will open it up for you.
So, that's our Tipsy Tuesday Quick Knitting Tip of the Day. Join us next week for more knitting tips! 

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