Tipsy Tuesday: Give Yourself a Knitting Life Line!

Did you ever knit a stitch pattern that was a bit daunting? Hate finding mistakes in your knitting? Do you often knit happily along until you look over your knitting only to find a dropped stitch several rows back?

Give yourself a knitting life line!

What is a life line? 
A life line in knitting is a strand of yarn threaded through your knitting so that if you mess up, you can easily rip back to that row and put your stitches back on the needle. 

The process reminds me of the system restore on a PC. If you've ever installed something on your computer and it made it run a little wonky, rather than uninstalling it, you just take it back to the date just before you installed the faulty program. So in the case of your knitting, you don't have to painstakingly un-knit rows and rows, nor do you have to rip back wildly hoping that you'll be able to pick up every stitch without dropping more. You'll rip back to the lifeline, then be able to easily pick up an entire row without having to worry about any dropped stitches.

We found this really great video on "how to use a life line in knitting," by The Knit Witch. 

So add a life line and knit with reckless abandon!
That's your Tipsy Tuesday quick knitting tip - Happy knitting!

by Nancy Queen