How to Spruce Up Your Knitting Projects

Art Yarns Beaded Silk Mohair And Sequins Yarn

Knitting is a hobby that just seems to bring one to a place of comfort. There is something about the click of the needles and the feel of the yarn going through the fingers that is both sensory and satisfying all at once. However, a new look to the old craft can bring a new twist to eyes and make the work stand out from the rest. Nothing makes it easier to put a new spin on knitting than the many yarns available today.

Use Unusual Color

Grandmothers of yesterday had only a few colors available to them. They had to use whatever they could find which was pretty limited. Today, there are so many colors to choose from that one is never limited. Unusual colors can catch the eye and bring definition. Colors can be even more eye catching with the use of yarn with sequins embedded in the threads.

Variegated colors are also a great way to bring out different colors. Nothing is cuter than a baby afghan made with pastel colors, but an extra special touch can be made by using variegated yarn. It won’t matter if the coming baby is a girl or a boy with so many colors included in the final project.

Seek Different Textures

Textures of yarn have changed through the years as much as colors. From fuzzy to furry, a piece of work is only limited by imagination. Matching a texture to a yarn with sequins in it can also be fun. Imagine a slightly fuzzy sweater with matching sequins for a little girl. Watch her eyes light up when she tries it on and finds out she sparkles as much as her smile.

Angora makes a wonderful addition to a project and it's unusual texture. Women love the feel of the soft yarns so making something they'll love is as easy as the stitch you choose. There will be lots of joy when that gift is received.

Add a Little Extra Shine

Every girl likes a bit of bling and it’s easy to add shine to almost any project. Not only hand-sewn embellishment can add the sparkle, but yarn with sequins makes it even easier to add a bit more shine. The sequins are embedded in the yarn itself making it effortless to dress up any project and make it stand out.

No matter whether you are making a new scarf for a daughter-in-law or pair of mittens for a granddaughter, it’s easy to make each piece of work stand out from all the rest. It’s also a lot of fun. No one is limited to a small selection of patterns or yarns these days. Finding the unusual is easy through the Internet or the nearest super store.