Cute Knitting Patterns by Fiber Trends

Jester Hats Pattern By Fiber Trends

Knitting is a fantastic hobby for all ages. Fiber Trends is a great company that makes hat knitting patterns, sock knitting patterns, and knitting patterns for kids. Bev Galeskas began this company in 1994 with one knitting pattern. The company now sells over 200 knitting patterns. Many Fiber Trends knitting patterns can be downloaded or ordered by mail. Patterns can also be purchased from various retailers. Fiber Trends company has many different designers that create unique knitting patterns to order and purchase to create knitted items at home.

Everyone wears socks and this company has many sock knitting patterns. Try a pattern by Hellen Biggers called Hellen’s Favorite. It is for the average size adult foot. This pattern allows adjusting for the length and width of the feet. Next, order a design by Evelyn A. Clark. This pattern is named Leaf Lace Socks. It teaches how to make a sock that has a knitted leaf pattern. Janet Szabo has a design pattern available named Baby Braids socks. The braiding pattern for this sock has been created to make sure the sock fits better on the foot and ankle. Joanne Clark designed the Jazz Sandal Sock knitting pattern with a separate area for the big toe. This means this knitted sock can be worn with flip-flop type sandals!

Hat knitting patterns are always popular. Many people wear an unusual hat size, so knitting a hat is a great option to get a hat that fits correctly. Order the Whales and Sails design created by Bev Galeskas. This pattern allows three different sizes for children. It has a large brim design for summer wear to keep the sun out of children’s eyes. Teenagers will love the School Colors hat pattern created by Betsy Lee McCarthy. The brim can roll up and down. It can be made in three different yarn weights and three different sizes. Make a fun Jester hat from this great company. This pattern is used to make jester hats in sizes toddler through adult size. Tracy Earhart created a pattern for a Snowboarders hat that can create hats for children to adults.

Fiber Trends knitting patterns are also available for children designs. Select from many knitting patterns for kids by various designers. Make a newborn baby blanket with Eugen K. Beugler’s design for a Light and Lacy Baby Blanket. Old-fashioned baby bonnets are difficult to find, so Bev Galeskas created a pattern to make this knitted item. Make children’s ballet slippers with a pattern from Bev Galeskas. Make a Sheep Go Round, a knitted children’s sweater from the pattern created by Bev Galeskas. Fiber Trends has a knitting pattern for a Lacy Days Vest that can be used to make children’s vests in four different sizes. Make a Pretty Flowers toddlers knitted dress design by Bev Galeskas in sizes twelve months to size two.