Creative Shawls and Your Personality

One Skein Shawl Knitting Pattern
The perfect accessory to your evening wear is neither complex nor chaotic. It is simple. All you need is a shawl because it is elegant. When the wind blows through your shawl, it whispers compliments into your ear. A shawl can reveal your inner beauty because it brings out your modesty. Your shawl can be silky; it can be soft; it can be warm. Your shawl can say something personal about you.

A shawl knitting pattern will help you create the shawl that you have always wanted. You can create an easy shawl knitting pattern from another decade that shows off how retro you are or weave your favorite memory in. No fuss is required because all you will probably need is your choice of yard, thread, or any other add-on. An easy shawl knitting pattern is rectangular and does not have many rows. You can customize it by adding beads or any other accessory you want. Your personality will reflect through the colors you choose and the shape that your shawl turns out to be.

An interesting shawl knitting pattern will have a lot of variation. Unlike other ornaments of clothing, the complexity in some of these shawl designs will still have aura of elegance about them. Some beautiful shawls to knit have patterns of nature. These include leaves, clouds, and flowers. There are also a creative bunch that will have shawls to knit based on wildlife or even cartoon characters.

Some people get lost in their creativity and come up with outrageous patterns. But, that is okay! In fact, some of the best shawls are the most original. If you are not sure where to start with your shawl knitting pattern, you let your mind create patterns freely. You should not doubt yourself, because your conscience may reveal a pattern that you will want to flaunt or wrap around your shoulders for years to come.

For those who are not adept with knitting, you can create your shawl by finding patches that you can iron on with a plain cloth. It is also easy to stencil your pattern. You should begin stenciling with a pencil and an eraser because it will leave less visible marks if there are any mistakes. A permanent marker or pen is not recommended because there is a high possibility that the cloth is damaged and in need of repair. After stenciling, there are people who also enjoy using paint to create different types of patterns.

To create a shawl that you are happy with, you should take the measurements of the person that you are making it for beforehand. Do not fret if the shawl is too small. You can easily sew it onto another piece of cloth to make it an artistic masterpiece. If the shawl that you make is something that you are not happy with in the end, you may also cut up the pieces of cloth to make another pattern. If none of these appeal to you, you can always buy a large cloth and measure it to your size and wrap it around you. The possibilities are endless!