Why Angora Yarn?

Plymouth Angora Yarn
Why choose Angora Yarn or Angora blend yarn for your knitting project?
Before we can begin to answer that question we first must discuss what exactly Angora yarn and Angora blend yarn is. Angora Yarn is a type of yarn that is made exclusive from the fur of the Angora Rabbit. Angora is known for its unique softness, its fluff and its silky texture. Angora is often considered to be much lighter, significantly warmer than traditional wool and much softer, avoiding the usual abrasion and itching associated with wool. Typically Angora rabbits only come in approximately five or six different colors. The fur is obtained by sheering or plucking or naturally through the molting process. Angora fur is collected three to four times a year and is necessary to ensure the health of the rabbit.

Due to the fact that Angora fur does not have much elasticity it is primarily used as an accent piece. Often you will find outdoor wear such as hats, mittens, gloves or scarves is made from one hundred percent Angora.

If one is looking for a larger piece such as a sweater typically Angora blend yarn would be used. Angora blend is basically the Angora fur blended with a wool from a sheep or mohair from a goat. By blending these two different types of fur, you have an item that will last much longer because it has the elasticity needed for longevity yet will remain as warm and as soft as using the traditional Angora alone. Another reason Angora is typically blended when making larger garment pieces is because Angora alone can also be quite expensive to purchase. The higher the percentage of Angora that is blended the more expensive that particular spool of yarn or garment will be.

One place that knitters often turn to find a high quality angora in a variety of colors is Plymouth Angora yarn. Seasoned knitters often turn to Plymouth angora yarn when they desire to knit an item that needs to be luxuriously soft and silky. It is a finer quality of yarn that is one hundred percent natural. It comes in a variety of colors and a variety of patterns are available. Plymouth angora yarn also comes as a blend.

So, why choose Angora over another type of yarn? Basically, when it comes down to it, no synthetic yarn will ever give you the look of real fur, the softness of real fur and the silkiness that Angora is known for.