Knitting Room/Office Face Lift

My weekend: Giving my office a much needed face lift!
Lately my office hadn't been so much fun to work in. It was slowly becoming a dump room with yarns, patterns, papers, and other various projects scattered about. So, I spent the weekend organizing, purging, and rethinking my work space. I bought the two black bookcases and new baskets. Rearranged the layout of the room and..voila! What do you think?
Take a new look at my home office. This is where I work, knit, create and do some crafting projects with my daughter. Check out my slowly growing sheep/alpaca collection on the shelves (I love those little guys!).

This wall is really high, about 15 feet, so I have been adding black & white prints and photos to it, I love that it's a little dramatic. I think my dog likes it, too (that's her, napping on the ottoman in a pin and white blanket).

I'm in love with the black and white with pops of colors look of this room. Just sitting in here has been a treat!