Crochet Something Beautiful

Frabjous Fibers Wave Action and Light Scarf Crochet Patterns
Some ladies enjoy sewing, some knitting and some love to crochet. Years ago the market for crochet patterns just did not offer a whole lot of variety. In the last 15-20 years, patterns have increased and ventured into fields that women did not think of creating, such as jewelry. Depending on what instructions one is looking for as a project, numerous crochet patterns for hats, and just as many crochet patterns for scarves are available in easy to follow directions. Hats and scarves make good summertime projects. Do these for relaxation in the summer and when winter gets here your projects for give-a-ways are completed. Crochet patterns for shawls are good anytime and useable in any season. Patterns are usually a little more expensive, so once one is purchased, keep it in a safe place to reuse. One can also access the Internet, because there is a wealth of freebie instructions available to print off and save. Yarns come in so many delightful colors and textures and it often makes it hard to choose one. A more expensive yarn can be used on these projects because they do not take a lot of yarn like other projects.

Crochet patterns for hats might include warm hats for men, women, young children and babies. A variety of free projects include beanie hats, visor beanies, slouchy hats, and much more. These make wonderful, inexpensive gifts. Hats can range from newer and more modern styles to a more vintage look. There are styles to fit any need and taste. Instructions are very easy and fun, for example: the beanie hat just uses a single stitch with slip stitches. One beanie hat could be made in an evening. Projects for accessories to go with any style of hat can be done as a gift set.

Crochet patterns for scarves are even easier. Scarves can be made in any width or length. Make a scarf narrow and short for a child or wider and longer for an adult. Add beads and a variety of trinkets for children to enjoy wearing. There are so many manly colors and dainty colors in the stores these days that it is fun just picking out the yarn. Generally a scarf will take two skeins of yarn; depending on how big one wants it to be. Scarves also make great gifts at Christmas for the paper boy or girl, the mail man, your insurance agent, or place scarves at Christmas in a local food pantry for people to pick up with their food items. Sometimes one does not even need a pattern for a scarf. If they know how to single or double stitch they can make up their own design as they work the project.

Crochet patterns for shawls are a fun project and may take even more yarn, two to four skeins, depending on the thickness and size. Shawls are exciting to do during the summer and give to friends in the winter or any season. A lighter yarn is used for cool summer nights and a denser yarn for the winter season, offering the wearer warmth and coziness on chilly evenings.