Stay Warm and Look Stylish

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Winter is the time to get out hats, mittens and scarves. Knitted scarves are a versatile fashion accessory that can be worn with virtually any outfit. Getting the perfect winter scarf makes staying warm and stylish easy. Beautiful scarves can be created by following scarf knitting patterns or by purchasing scarf knitting kits.

Beginner and expert knitters can benefit from obtaining scarf knitting patterns. These can be found in books or by searching online. Most patterns found online are free, but knitters may need to pay for more complex or unique patterns. Patterns range from simple to very intricate designs. Before beginning any project it is important to carefully read the instructions and gather the appropriate materials. It is vital to purchase enough skeins of yarn from the same dye lot to ensure there will be an ample amount to complete the project. Yarn is dyed in large batches and each batch is issued a dye lot. Choosing yarns from different dye lots will create small variations in the color which is not recommended. Knitters following a pattern should always create a small test swatch to ensure it meets the measurements listed on the pattern.

Simple scarf knitting patterns are recommended for beginners. These patterns are easy to follow and usually require only one type of basic stitch. Simple scarf knitting patterns won't make busy or intricate scarves, but will allow a beginner to follow a simple pattern. With so many fun yarns available today even simple scarf knitting patterns can look dazzling. Fuzzy yarn and mosaic are great for knitting scarves and easily hide any imperfections.

Scarf knitting kits can be an excellent way to get children and teens interested in knitting. They are also perfect for beginners or those exploring knitting as a new hobby. Scarf knitting kits are affordable and contain all the materials needed to create a darling scarf. Most kits have easy to follow directions which allow users to complete the project in a matter of hours or days. This can be very gratifying for a beginner and will encourage them to continue to use their skills.

Whether a scarf is created using a pattern or a kit it is fun for the person who knitted it to wear it out and about. When others see a unique scarf they will be want to admire it and the compliments will pour in. Hand knitted scarves can make a great gift for family members and friends during the winter season. Others will love the gift or a warm and stylish scarf.