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Dolce Handknits Arcadia Cowl Knitting

Dolce Handknits knitting patterns are an outstanding selection of knitting patterns created by Kim Dolce. Kim was inspired to create these stunning and original patterns by yarn she found in shops in London, and by the beautiful items that were once knitted by her mother. Her patterns feature a youthful, creative and modern twist on the art of knitting.

Dolce Handknits are the perfect form of creative expression which features elements of simplicity of repetition of knitting techniques, with enough challenges to keep the process of knitting interesting. Dolce Handknits are cherished handmade knit items that can be passed down as heirlooms to future generations.

In the creation of her Dolce Handknits knitting patterns, Kim Dolce takes into consideration modern appeal as far as fashion and wearability go. Fashionable knits made from these patterns never look antique. Items that can be made from these patterns range from sweaters to shawls to adorably creative and fun slippers, to gorgeous and warm sweater dresses.

Patterns to make stylish Dolce Handknits can be found in fine yarn shops, or they can be found and downloaded on the internet. Using everything from easy knitting techniques to challenging techniques to keep the process of knitting them interesting, Kim Dolce has achieved just the right blend of simplicity and challenge.

Patterns can be found for such wonderful items as car length coats to fingerless gloves. The creativity in these patterns is unmatched by any other knit patterns available. With such a chic and classy sense of style, Kim Dolce has gone above and beyond in bringing the most stylish patterns to hobbyists that love to knit.

Gone are the days of grandma's knitting, and here to stay are the days of creating useful and wearable and very stylish knit items. Heirloom quality is only a matter of stitches away. Kim Dolce's designs are classy, sophisticated and youthful. And creating them provides that rare combination of challenge and intrigue along with straightforward design that Kim Dolce is famous for.

Great items can be made for any season of the year. Make a gorgeous crochet tank for warmer weather, or create a beautiful car length coat and fingerless gloves for cold winters days. Patterns are even available for marvelously warm blankets, or make some whimsical dog toys from the beginners pattern collection to thrill your favorite pooch. With such a stellar variety of designs and patterns there is sure to be something wonderful just waiting to be created for any taste.

There are a brilliant variety of patterns to make women's items, but there are also some wonderful patterns to make beautiful sweaters for men as well. Knitters that are proficient at just about any skill level will find a wonderful wearable heirloom quality pattern to knit. Dolce Handknits knitting patterns are available at many great fine yarn shops. With such a brilliant selection of designs available, knitters will always have a pattern that they are currently working on, and another pattern in mind for a future project.