10 Things I Love About the Beekeepers Quilt

Here's what I am working on today and I am totally in love with this knitting project! The Beekeepers Quilt knitting pattern is a fun project from Tiny Owl Knits. It's made by knitting honeycomb shaped pieces then putting them together. The result is a cozy knitted quilt that is sure to become an heirloom. Here are all the reasons I love this project:

10 Things to Love about the Beekeepers Quilt Pattern

  1. Hexapuffs! The quilt is made up of individual stuffed hexagon shaped pillows..aka hexapuffs
  2. It's a great way to use up stash yarn.
  3. Beginner knitting project but knitters of all skill levels will love it, too. 
  4. No sewing required!
  5. No purling required!
  6. Hexapuffs are knitted in all one piece.
  7. Hexapuffs are easily pieced together to create the quilt of your choosing (again, no sewing required).
  8. It's easy to adjust the size of the quilt as you go, so you can select the finished size.
  9. The pattern includes lots of photos and detailed instructions.
  10. Very portable project, perfect for knitting anywhere!