New Year's Knitting Resolutions

10 Knitting Resolutions of a Yarn-o-holic
  1. I will only have one knitting project going at a time. (ha ha to a rocky on...)
  2. I will only purchase yarn for a project, not to add to my yarn stash.
  3. I will not steal needles from one project so I can use them on another project.
  4. I will use all the yarn in my yarn stash before purchasing new yarn.
  5. I will not leave a project on the needles with only a few rows to complete.
  6. If I knit a sock, I will also knit the other one so that I have a completed pair.
  7. When working on a project, I will write down the pattern information (and where I stopped) so that when I pick it up 2 years later, I will know where I left off.
  8. I will weave in the yarn ends on a project so that I can check it off as completed.
  9. If I see a lone ball of yarn on the shelf at my LYS, I will not purchase it so that it is no longer "lonely."
  10. When knitting a sweater, I will sew the pieces together so I can actually wear the finished garment.
What are your knitting resolutions?