Splash! A Knitting Fish Tale!

I've discovered another knitting addiction - and this one involves tiny knitting!
I just got Anna Hrochovec's Teeny Tiny MochiMochi book filled with miniature knitted creatures that fit in the palm of your hand. The projects take less than an hour to knit. So I've spent the past few nights knitting up a creature. Then I strategically place it in my daughter's room so she discovers it when she wakes up.

Here are my projects from the last two nights:

  • I made the mermaid complete with long locks and a seashell bikini top! 
  • And, I made the goldfish with mondo bubbles! 
Needless to say, my daughter loves these little creatures and so does Senor (our real goldlfish)!
All of my MochiMochi creatures were knitted using Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted.