Free Knitting Pattern: Wooly Stripe Scarf!

We love Ewe Ewe Yarns! Not only do they make an amazing washable Merino wool yarn, but they keep coming out with free knitting patterns!

This one is called the Wooly Stripe Scarf. You knit an easy garter-stitch striped scarf lengthwise, then braid the ends. 

Perfect for a beginner or if you want a relaxing "no think" knitting project. So cute!

Free Knitting Pattern: Wooly Stripe Scarf

Designed by Heather Walpole 

Sizes: Small (Large) 

Completed Measurement: 46 x 3" (69 x 3") not including braided ends. 

You will need:

Using Color A cast on 200(300) sts, then cut yarn leaving approximately a 12" tail. 

  • Row 1: Knit across row leaving a 12" tail at the BEGINNING and END of the ROW. 
  • Row 2: Repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 3: Change to Color B and repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 4: Repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 5: Change to Color C and repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 6: Repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 7: Change to Color D and repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 8 Repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 9: Change to Color E and repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 10: Repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 11: Change to Color F and repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 12: Repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 13: Change to Color G and repeat Row 1. 
  • Row 14: Repeat Row 1. Repeat Rows 1-14 one more time. 
  • Last 2 Rows: Change to color A and repeat Row 1. Bind off. 
  • Using tails at one end, grasp three strands and make a braid. Continue making braids across the end. If you have an extra tail or two, weave in yarn ends. 
  • Repeat at other end of scarf. Wear your new scarf with any outfit and look fabulous!