Classic Shades Hug for Japan Scarf

My completed Hug for Japan Scarf using Universal Classic Shades yarn. Recently I posted about the Dan Doh Hug for Japan Scarf designed by Yumiko Alexander. It's so pretty, I just had to knit one myself. I knitted this one using 1-skein of Universal Classic Shades yarn. I love the results! The scarf started and ended with the same color. 

What did I think of this knitting project?

It knits up quickly. The scarf is knitted lengthwise in stockinette stitch. You start with 200 stitches, decrease down to the center, then increase again for the other curly side. When you bind off, you'll whip stitch the corner stitches together at one end to create a keyhole. Weave in the yarn ends and you're done! Fun project!

What I used to knit my Dan Doh Hug for Japan Scarf