5 Reasons to Love Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Why I love HiYa HiYa Interchangeable Knitting Needles

  1. Hiya Hiya *giggle* the name is so much fun to say, you can't help but smile
  2. Speed knitting - Hiya Hiya creates top quality steel needles that allow your stitches to glide like none other
  3. Pretty packaging - Each set of Hiya Hiya needles comes wrapped in an elegant brocade case with tie closure
  4. No key knitting - Some interchangeable sets require a key to change needle tips, not Hiya Hiya. It's easy to change tips, simply unscrew and replace with other tip sizes. The transition between the cables and the tips is smooth.
  5. Lots of options available - Hiya Hiya needle sets are available in two sizes; Small US 2-8, Large US 9-15. Also, sets are now available in two needle tip lengths: 4" or 5". (To find out which needle tip length you should choose, read below).

How to Choose Hiya Hiya Needle Tip Lengths in 4" or 5"

The difference between the needles is just personal preference. 
We just introduced the 5" length a few weeks ago because we had several requests for them.
Some knitters find it difficult to work on a circular needle tip that is only 4" long, so they go with the 5".
I personally prefer the 4" because I like to work on a lot of small projects such as stuffed animals, hats, mittens. I find with the 4" needles it allows me to work in a tinier round than with the 5" needles.

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