Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted Washable Yarn Video Review

Hi again, it's Nancy Queen from NobleKnits.com. I'm here today to show you a brand new yarn we are really excited about. It is called Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted Washable. It's a 100% Merino Superwash and it's an adorable new line. They have great patterns, really beautiful colors that I'm going to show you. It's our new "work horse" yarn. If any of you have worked with Mission Falls yarn, you know that went away and that was one of our number one, bestselling yarns. We have been scouring the market to find a new Merino Superwash and this one fits the bill. Instead of being big, bulky 100gram balls, these are all small balls - 50gram balls meant for tiny projects and great with different colors such as Fair Isle, intarsia or striping. 
Now this one is Pistachio and we have Berry. You can see how nice they look together. And we have Chocolate and Teal, beautiful Indigo, Saffron, and Vanilla. Now, they all are meant to work together. Beautiful, rich color palette. 
What I really like about this yarn is they way it's packaged. It's so cute! I don't know if you can see this little sheep here, but his name is Wooly. And, it has a little reminder on the back that it's machine washable. "Knit it. Wash it. Love it." Also, there is a little note on the label that says, "Hi, there. Thanks for taking me home with you." Ewe Ewe Yarns is just a very sweet line. We carry the entire line of Ewe Ewe Yarns; all the patterns. And, like I said..they're small, easy projects. Meant to be knit in little more than a weekend or even less than a weekend.
Another thing I like about Wooly Worsted is it's a soft, bouncy yarn. It feels great when it's knitted up. It has a lot of stretch and it doesn't get caught in your needles. I hate when my yarn gets caught in the needles and the yarn splits. This yarn doesn't to that.
So, it's a brand new yarn you're going to really love!  Ewe Ewe Yarns Wooly Worsted available at NobleKnits.com