Crochet Someone a Hug!

In my last post, Knit Someone a Hug, I introduced a pattern by designer, Yumiko Alexander, who created a scarf pattern to help those devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. 
Yumiko has also created a crochet version of the Dan Doh - Hug for Japan Scarf. In the Japanese culture, handmade gifts are considered precious and valuable. Yumiko has created these scarves as a way to connect with those in her homeland. 

How can crocheting a scarf help? 
  1. If you would like to crochet for the survivors in Japan, send your completed projects to Tempe Yarn and Fibre, 1415 E. University Drive #A-102, Tempe, AZ  85281.
  2. Crochet for those close to home. We all know someone who has been through tragedy. Make them a Crocheted Hug Scarf to let them know you care.
Completed Scarf Measures: 5 x 28"
Skill level: Advanced Beginner

You will need: