PBS's Arthur takes on Knitting! (Arthur Unravels)

Arthur learns to knit!
My daughter was so excited to show me the latest eposide of PBS's Arthur. It's called Arthur Unravels. In it, Arthur takes on knitting! Arthur's grandma is an avid knitter and she teaches his little sister, DW. Arthur gets curious about knitting and she told him how spies used to knit secrets and codes into their knitting to send messages. 

Arthur helps Buster with a dropped stitch!
This adorable episode shows Arthur as a closet knitter, afraid he'll be made fun of for knitting. Then, having a little knit-in with his best friend Buster, helping Buster with a dropped stitch, and finally a trip to the yarn store! The show wraps up with real kids going to a yarn shop, talking about why they love yarn and what they can create with it.
Kudos to Marc Brown and the PBS Arthur Show for helping to pass on knitting to another generation. After watching, it inspired my daughter to pick up her needles and get going on a new project. She's making her first Teddy Bear.
Arthur visits a yarn shop and learns 
the difference between pink and fuchsia.
Arthur and Buster having a knit-in.
Arthur at the yarn shop!