Passing on the love of crafting and creativity

I knit's Kate the Kitten in Britches pattern a few years ago for the shop. Now, she keeps me company in my studio. She has always been one of my favorite projects. I love her crazy eyes, her big belly and her striped britches. Recently, she is often missing from her spot on my shelf. It turns out my daughter's best friend loves Kate and whenever she comes to play, Kate is always in her arms. So I knitted a Kate the Kitten for her, too. I had to wrestle the girls away from playtime to take this photo. They both love their Kate the Kitten.

After knitting these Kate the Kittens, I realized it's even more important to give the girls the opportunity to enjoy creativity as much as I do. I've already taught my daughter and some of her friends knitting and they all love it. Currently, they are really into little animals and creatures - a great way to show them how to create a pattern and learn some some basic sewing techniques. So a fun trip to the fabric store allowed us to pick out fabric, trims, buttons, and sewing supplies. Two of my daughter's friends came over and they planted themselves in the crafting room for more than 8 hours! The girls seemed to love everything that I love about crafting: fawning over the materials, choosing a project, and just hanging out together discussing their projects and everything else going on in their lives. It was truly an enjoyable day, one I will remember for a long time to come.
March is National Craft Month, pass your love of crafting on to someone you care about!
Spending the day sewing. Fun for all!
Excited to get started sewing

Threading the needle

Sewing takes deep concentration

Afternoon silliness. A handstand on the table?

Showing off finished creatures! Tah-dah!