My Top 10 Favorite Quick-Knit Projects

So much to knit, so little time! I usually have 5 or 6 knitting projects going at a time. I have projects for just the right situation: one for riding in the car/waiting in the carpool line, another that's a challenge and takes some concentration, one that's big afghan for my TV knitting. But my favorite projects tend to be the ones I can pick up and whiz through in a day or two. I love that sense of satisfaction and somewhat instant gratification. So, here is a list of my favorite Quick-Knit projects for fall. Enjoy!

My Top 10 Favorite Quick Knit Projects

  1. Kudo Diagonal Scarf & Triangle Shawl Pattern - This pattern features Plymouth Kudo, a self-striping yarn that does all the work. One ball makes the diagonal scarf and just two balls are needed to knit the triangle shawl.

  2. Jelli Beenz Kids Socks - These socks are so fun! Knitted up quickly with Plymouth's Jelli Beenz yarn. It's worsted weight, machine washable, and kids love it!

  3. Ann Norling Fruit Cap - This pattern may just be my ultimate-favorite pattern! When my daughter was little I made her a tomato, lemon, strawberry, pumpkin, and grape. It's so quick and easy the fruit cap pattern seems to knit itself. I also knitted this pattern more times than I can count for a baby shower gift (it "wows" the crowd every time!).

  4. Little Snuglets and Big Snuglets - These are cute little slippers for kids and adults that are fun to knit and so comfortable to wear.

  5. Okranana Bag - This pattern is FREE! I love this not just because it's free, but it's a really fun to knit seams to sew and features Frabjous Fibers Banana Silk yarn - what could be better than that!

  6. Silk Trinket Bag - These Tilli Tomas bags kits just arrived and I'm in LOVE with them. The kit includes a quilted silk bag top and liner, and instructions to knit the bottom part of the bag using a beaded silk yarn, available in four color combinations...incredible!

  7. Mission Falls Justin Ski Cap - I love the classic look of this Fair Isle cap. It features Mission Falls 1824 Wool, it's great for guys, and only uses 3 balls of yarn!

  8. Out of the Box Cardigan - Imagine Knits took a somewhat simple cardigan and turned it into a work of art! The combination of self-striping yarn and knitting pieces in different directions make this a fun to knit and great to wear cardigan.

  9. KnitWhits Baby Birds Kits - My daughter loves these! Choose a baby chick or owlet. Everything you need (except the needles) is packed in a little kit for under $12 - Quick to make or priced right to give as a gift.

  10. CocoKnits Pleated Ballet Flats - Sometimes I like to look a little more polished even though I'm just hanging at home. These cozy and stylish ballet flats make feel great when I wear them.