Knitting Trends - Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Knitting Trends - Let's Hear it for the Boys!
Men's garments are making a comeback this season! Designers throughout the TNNA show were proudly displaying their newest patterns for men. The projects we've seen are wearable, sophisticated, and interesting to knit!

Knitting for your fella?

Find the garment that suits his style!

Giles V-Neck Vest Pattern - The Intellectual. His weekends are spent browsing antique stores and book shops. His perfect Sunday morning is sitting in the coffee house with a cup o' joe and the newspaper.


Spike textured mock-neck pullover pattern - The Romantic. This strong silent type enjoys jazz, cooking YOU dinner, then snuggling up in front of a crackling fire so he can gaze into your eyes.


Chook and Mitts (aka. Men's cabled hat and mittens) -
The Sportsman. He hasn't met a game he hasn't wanted to conquer. He's a man's man that enjoys skiing, hockey, football, and biking. If he's not playing sports, he's watching them. He loves you though, and appreciates you thinking of him by knitting something he'll wear while he's on the go.

Xander, two-color crew neck pullover pattern
- The Traveler. This cosmopolitan man is up for anything! Whether it's jetting off to London for the weekend, or spending springtime in Paris, his bag is always packed for quick getaway. Don't forget his heart's wherever you are and his favorite part of traveling is sharing it with you.