Yarn's Poppin! Free Knitting Pattern

Poppin Scarf! Knit in 15 minutes!

Meet Poppin!
Poppin is a new yarn that just arrived from Plymouth Yarn Company. The moment my daughter saw it she begged me to knit her a scarf. I dug out my size 19 needles and I kid you not, 15 MINUTES LATER, her Poppin scarf was complete!

Plymouth Poppin comes in four colors: lime, pink, black, and white. It's a cord yarn and then every two inches, POW! a soft, fluffy pom-pom! Knit your own ONE BALL Poppin Scarf with this free pattern - available in two sizes: Tween or Adult.

Yarn's Poppin! Free Scarf Pattern

You will need:
Sizes: Tween (Adult)

Note: Don't bother with a long-tail cast on, the pom-poms make it too hard to do! Just use a simple thumb cast on for this project.
  • Cast on 6 (8) sts
  • Knit every row to desired length for Tween and until almost out of yarn on Adult size.
  • Bind off loosely.
  • Enjoy!

My daughter loves playing with the little pom-poms on Poppin.