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Gummie Face Knitting Pattern
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An interview with designer, Amber Perry

Thank goodness for Twitter! It's my new daily outlet and a great way to meet knitting friends all over the world. That is where I recently met designer, Amber Perry. Without Twitter, I would never have had the chance to meet this Montana based designer. Amber is a work at home mom with four young children and a fifth one on the way! In 2005, she began working on her first business; which offers easy to sew pre-cut cloth diaper making kits. Since it was necessary to have covers for those cloth diapers, she created and has been at it ever since.

What are ButtKnits?

How did you get into designing?

  • I got really tired of scouring books and the internet looking for a pattern that would make whatever was in my head. I see my designs in my mind's eye long before needle and yarn ever meet. It was taking me hours and even days of searching to find a pattern that in most cases was only sort of what I wanted.

How did you get into knitting?

  • When I was about 10 years old my Dad took me to a local yarn shop for a few lessons. I made a few washcloths over the years, but I didn't really start to knit with great interest until I had my first baby. He needed hats!

Who are some other knitting designers you like/admire?

  • I enjoy Elizabeth Zimmerman's books because she often just gives you a basic "how to" outline and you take it from there. I find her writing entertaining as well as informative.

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What are your upcoming plans...i.e. new patterns people can look forward to, new knitting projects, etc.?

  • I've had a few emails asking me if I plan to offer more feminine patterns. I've had a few ideas for more girl focused patterns rattling around for a while but they are finally coming to fruition now that we are expecting a girl! We will be welcoming our 5th child this summer and I'm having a lot of fun working up frilly pink items. I have two patterns that I am hoping to have test knit in early March and introduce the patterns by the end of March. Perfect for some spring knitting.

ButtKnits are knit using worsted weight yarn. We recommend Sassy Skein Worsted Weight Cotton or Plymouth Galway.

The site features PDF downloadable ButtKnits designs, provides knitting help & tutorials to complete projects, care instructions, and even a few free patterns.

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