Sip Tea & Knit

With the welcome arrival of new products from our friends at Be Sweet, here's a FREE TEA COZY knitting pattern. The one shown above is knit using one Magic Ball in Bollywood.
My daughter thinks it's a really cute hat, and well, since it's knit in the round...the one I'm knitting will probably become a hat for her!

Cuddly Tea Cozy Pattern

designed by Bardet Wardell

This pattern should fit all normal size tea pots. It measures about 9" high and 22" around, but is very flexible. You will love the excitement of what yarn comes next as you knit .... and your mom or aunt or friend will love it as a gift! It is hand washable in cold water.

Gauge: 15 stitches = 4", 5 rows = 1"

You will need:
Tea Cozy Pattern
  • Cast on 74 stitches.
  • Knit around in the circle being careful not to twist on the first row.
  • Knit the entire Magic Ball.
  • Finish by leaving loops (do not bind off) and tying off end of yarn.
  • Thread ribbon through loops, pull tight and make a big happy bow!

Have fun and BE SWEET!