Cabled Bag Knit Along!

Hi! Time to get started on our cabled bags. Basically, we will be knitting a tube then attaching it to the suede bottom.

Using 2 strands of Baby Alpaca Grande and size US 10.5 circular 24" needle, cast on 112 stitches.

Allow the stitches to slide all the way around the needles. The FIRST stitch you cast on will be the first stitch that you knit. This is different from straight knitting because you usually start the LAST stitch you cast on.Before you start knitting - Take a look at your stitches and make sure none of the stitches are twisted around the needle. Any easy way to check is just make sure all the little ridges are facing down.

The photo shown ABOVE is how the stitches should look.The photo shown BELOW is WRONG! It has a TWIST - make sure your stitches are not twisted!

Before you make your first stitch, place a stitch marker, shown below, on your RIGHT needle. The stitch marker just slides around the needle. Whenever you come to it, you have completed one ROUND! Each time you get to it, just slide marker from the left needle to the right needle. We will be using a lot of stitch markers for this project, so be sure to use a marker that is a little different (such as a different color) than the others, to mark the beginning of a round.

Round 1: This is a setup round. As you knit, you will place a stitch marker every time you see a (pm) notation. *Purl 3 sts, pm, knit 6 sts, pm, purl 3 sts, pm, knit 2 sts.* Repeat instructions from * to * all the way around to the stitch marker. You will have worked this stitch pattern 8 complete times to reach the marker. If you do not end at the marker, there may be a mistake in your round. It's important to be correct on this round, since your entire project is based on the set up round.

Round 2 -7: *Purl 3 sts, knit 6 sts, purl 3 sts, knit 2 sts.* Repeat from * to* around to beginning stitch marker. Note: When you reach a marker, simply slide it from one needle to the other. The markers are there to remind you that you will be alternating stitches.

Please be sure to post any questions or comments on the blog - since it's a "knit along," chances are others probably have the same questions as you. Have fun!

Tomorrow: The CABLE ROW!