Cabled Bag Knit Along, Part III

Attaching the suede bottom to the bag.

I used one strand of the alpaca grande to attach the suede panels. Instead of trying to pin the suede to the bag, to try to evenly sew the pieces, use this approach:

  • There are 112 stitches on panel and 156 holes in the suede. So, we will evenly distribute the suede holes as described below.

  • Cut a 1 yard strand of yarn and thread it. Begin at the center back seam of the suede bottom. The needle is on the wrong side of the suede, when you pull it through it will be on the right side. Leave about a 4" tail to knot and weave in later.

  • Now center a cable over the stitch. Go into the bottom edge stitch of the cable on the right side. You needle will now be on the wrong side.

  • Continue stitching in this method - suede (start on wrong side, come up on right side), then bag (go in on right side, come out on wrong side).

  • To get the bag and the suede to line up evenly, *(knit one suede hole into the next stitch, knit 2 suede holes into the next stitch.) then (knit one suede hole into the next 2 stitches, then knit 2 suede holes into the next stitch).* Repeat around.
Handles and lining on monday!