Fair Isle Magic

For the somewhat lazy knitter...Isn't it enough to just knit a sock? Sometimes I just want to have a little project I can stow in my purse, whip it out anywhere I'm kept waiting more than 10 seconds. I can't be bothered with changing colors on a sock project. We just received an awesome new sock yarn from Berroco that fits the bill. It's appropiately named, SOX (and we stock every color!). This fabulous new yarn is a self-striping fair isle and it makes some of the best socks you can imagine.

One ball makes one pair. Berroco SOX

Question of the day (we are often asked this question):

If I make something bigger than a sock, will it still stripe in Fair Isle???

The answer is....YES. Here's proof:

Check out this FREE PATTERN from Berroco for a child's sweater.