Happy "Churkey" Day!

Turkeys get the day off at my house this Thanksgiving. And, no I'm not a vegan.

Well, up until an hour ago, I didn't have any plans set for Thanksgiving. During a phone call with my mother for a little knitting help, I volunteered to host a small Thanksgiving get together. "Nothing too big." I said. I just want us (husband, daughter, self) and my parents. Are you wondering why I'm so adamant about the group being small? Is it because I don't like to entertain? Or perhaps don't like to clean the house? Or because I've been so busy with work? No, the REAL reason I want the group small is I don't want to make a big turkey! I'm going to make a chicken instead. Crazy, but true. I've been making chicken for Thanksgiving now for about 4 years. I know that it isn't any different to make a turkey, I've heard the speeches from many friends. Last year, I even went as far as to order a fresh turkey but then backed out at the last minute and made...a chicken.

We'll have all the other fixin's....but it's another chickin' lickin' "Churkey" Day at my house this year.

I hope you are enjoying some of your own traditions this year, too!