A Churkey day to remember....

My husband will be the first to attest I am NOT a very good cook unless I follow a recipe. In fact, without a recipe, I'm downright lousy. I don't know why, but the food when I "wing it," is totally gross.

Anywhoooooo...yesterday I had the Churkey roasting away in the oven when my parents arrived. The smell of good cooking is so important to me to "set the mood." I was feeling pretty good. I had my list of things I needed to complete and the time frame set in my head so that everything was read at just the right moment. I had a chance to visit with my parents for a bit, sip down a glass of champagne, and even squeeze in a quick game of Disney Monopoly with my mom and daughter. Then it was time to get things rolling: start the potatoes, dressing, gravy, asparagus (the only green food my husband will eat). I had my mom's Waldorf Salad on the table along with the proper serving utensils and bowls for each side dish. Then, KABOOM! The power went out! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I started to panic and WANTED to cry (my usual response), but then said to myself" Okay...Nancy. Get your bearings...this isn't the end of the world!" I looked around and really, I was just about done cooking! I found a flashlight for my husband, lit a few more candles, left things on the stove in the pots so they didn't get cold and served up dinner. We all ended up cuddled up in our sitting room for a very cozy, old fashioned completely candlelit Thanksgiving dinner!

Not 5 minutes after we finished dinner, the power came back on! (PS. We had a cold front move in with some rain storms and high winds which resulted in knocking out the transformer right in front of our house and our whole neighborhood was out).

Churkey Day 2007 - Hadley, Pa, & Grandma