Hula Hooping...and a bit more

There's hula hooping...
My daughter, Hadley spent most of last Sunday afternoon Hula Hooping. That girl can hula hoop like nobody's business! Whenever I've hula hooped, I just try to keep that hoop up as long as possible and hope for the best. Not her! She can hula and hula and usually stops because she's decided to do someithing else, not because the hula drops. I asked her how she was able to keep the hula up so long and she said, "Oh, it's easy...I'll just show you the trick my teacher taught us." It made me think of how much hula hooping and knitting have in common. Once you know the tricks and give yourself time to master a technique, you can knit anything you want. So just open your mind and remind yourself that you can do it...just keep practicing!

And then there's HULA HOOPING!!!
If plain ol' knitting isn't enough, keep at it and you'll be moving on to more advanced techniques in no time! Plain ol' hula hooping got a little boring for Hadley, so she decided she needed to add a little flag that she balanced on her head until she got the hoop going and then waved the flag around while hula-ing! You go girl!