Fair Isle Mystery Hat - Part I

Happy Mystery Hat Day! 
I hope you've gotten your supplies and you are as anxious as I am to get started! Let's get going! It's not to late to get your supplies - click here to view the list!

Hat Size: Women's Medium

The photo, shown above, is the bottom of the hat and the section we are covering today.
Casting On Circular Needles
Using Spruce yarn, cast on 96 sts on circular needles

Allow the stitches to slide all the way around the needles. The FIRST stitch you cast on will be the first stitch that you knit. This is different from straight knitting because you usually start the LAST stitch you cast on.
Before you start knitting - Take a look at your stitches and make sure none of the stitches are twisted around the needle. Any easy way to check is just make sure all the little ridges are facing down.

The photo shown ABOVE is how the stitches should look.

The photo shown BELOW is WRONG! It has a TWIST - make sure your stitches are not twisted!
Before you make your first stitch, place a stitch marker, shown below, on your RIGHT needle. The stitch marker just slides around the needle. Whenever you come to it, you have completed one ROUND! Each time you get to it, just slide marker from the left needle to the right needle.

Okay, let's get knitting! When you reach the end of a round, you will NOT turn your work. Simply slide your marker and follow the instructions for the next round.
Round 1 Knit all stitches around.
Round 2 Purl all stitches around.
Round 3 Purl all stitches around.
Round 4 Change to Curry (green) yarn. Knit all stitches around.
Round 5 Purl all stitches around.
Round 6 Purl all stitches around.
Round 7 Change to Zinnia (coral) yarn. Knit all stitches around.
Round 8 Knit all stitches around.
Round 9 Knit all stitches around.
If you have questions, chances are someone else does too! Please POST them as a COMMENT,(you don't have to be a member to post) and I'll get to them as quickly as possible!
Here's a quick hint for not mixing up what round you are on: Print this page or a take a sheet of paper and number it from 1-9 for each round. AFTER you finish a round, check it off. You'll never loose your place if you follow this simple tip.
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