Dune, I love you...again

We started carrying Trendsetter's Dune Yarn more than four years ago - in the "I can't get enough glitz and glamour in my scarf" age. The sales rep stopped by the shop with nearly a hundred different color combinations each with that added touch of glitz. Ahh, we amazed at what we could do with this yarn! Scarves, sweaters, shawls, wrist warmers, even added to felted bags - Dune was the wonder yarn!

Well, now that we've moved to a kinder, gentler, "less is more" knitting age - I thought Dune had seen it's day. I was wrong! Trendsetter (and I guess the company name fits), came out with a beautiful solid version of Dune. Four sophisticated colors, thicker softer mohair, and just a tad of glitz to let you know Dune isn't a wallflower. Dune, I love you...again!