Things all knitters say!

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Today is a fun post -  not too much thinking, not much to learn. What I want to know is how many of the following have you caught yourself saying in the course of your knitting life? 


I think, hands down, this is the most common thing I hear from any knitter. We become obsessed with a stitch pattern, or are just dyeing (see what I did there) to get to the next color in a self-striping yarn.

Whatever the excuse, I can just about guarnatee that you or your knitting buddies can relate. If often becomes a late-night "sport" that leads to mornings full of strong coffee and mumbled greetings. Oh... how we suffer for our craft! 


I believe, like many horrible jokes that made us groan as children that are categorized as "Bad Dad Jokes", the Frog It or Rippit falls under the category of "Bad Knitting Jokes". Is it a joke? A pun? I don't actually know, come to think of it.

But for those of you who may not know, to "frog it" means to rip it... hence "rippit rippit" - sounds an awful lot like the call of our bug-eating, pond dwellers. Ribbit, ribbit... frog it... get it? Ugh... it's horrible. But horribly funny, right? 


Now, "Tinking"... thats NOT a terrible knitting joke. I think it's rather clever if I'm being perfectly honest. And the derivation? Quite simply, it's "knitting backwards" or un-knitting. Still don't get it?

K N I T . . .

T I N K.

Yeah, now you get it. 




I promise these aren't bad words. They ARE however, proof that knitters LOOOOVE their acronyms. 

  • A WIP (pronounced "whip" - not W. I. P.) is an abbreviation for "work in progress". As in "Oh my gosh, I'm drowning in WIPs and I cast on ANOTHER sweater".

  • A HO is a bit of a misnomer but it sounds good. It's short for "half-finished object". It's a bit like a WIP but generally refers to something that is categorically half-finished. For example, when I finish knitting one sock, I consider that sock a HO because she doesn't yet have her mate. Wait... what? You didn't know that knitting is female? Yep... all my WIPs are girls.

  • And lastly, though you've likely figured it out, a FO is a "fInished object". No longer a WIP or a HO, graduation to FO status is generally greeted with hoots and hollers of delight - and depending on your company at the time of completion, potentially some cheering, clapping, and chants of "Show it off, show it off!".


The saddest of all diet fads... when we've already spent too much money on yarn or other knitting paraphernalia. It happens to us all. Some of us track how long it's been since we last purchased yarn, others of us just CLAIM to be on a yarn diet.

Really all it means is that we don't post our embarsasing "Diet Fail" images when we break down and buy just one gorgeous skein. 



When you need/want to cast on a new project (it's always a need, isn't it?) but you're on a yarn diet... we stash dive! It's very common for a knitter to forget just how much yarn she/he has on any given day. 

Basically, we want to start a new project, whether a shawl, socks or a sweater, but we simply can't buy any more yarn, we dive into our lovely, lovely stash to see what we can find that will suit our new, soon-to-be WIP


I'm gonna leave this last one up to you.

We all have our favorite curse word when knitting.

Heck... why do you think Ravelry makes it a question on it's profile setup?! We all do it... muttered under our breath, screamed vehemently at an uncooperative WIP, or even typed out in bold letters in a text message to our understanding knitting-mates. The level of severity is up to you, but we all say it! 

It’s Your Turn!

What funny things to do you say when knitting? Let me know in the comments below!