Why your knitting needs a Yarn Winder

Knitter's Handy Tool - A Yarn Ball Winder!

Knitter's Handy Tool - A Yarn Ball Winder!

Here's a look at a  often overlooked but really handy knitters tool -  yarn ball winders!

One of My Most Often Used Tools

Ok, it's not absolutely necessary to have one, but I'm not kidding.  I use mine a lot.  Let me tell you why.

Why Use a Yarn Winder?

  • It winds the yarn in to a compact cake shape, easy to store and visually appealing.  I find even the yarns I don't have much enthusiasm for are much more enticing when wound.
  • Enables you to see how all of the color variations set up in semi-solids and how long are color runs in self-stripers. You wouldn't necessarily see that in the hank and it helps when choosing a project or planning what order to use space dyes.
  • Aids in smoothing out yarn curl from a fully frogged project
  • Essential if you recycle your fiber.
  • Avoids the tangled mess you can get when hand winding lace weights or poorly wound hanks.  If you ever had one of these messes you'll know exactly how important this is.

Advantages of a Yarn Winder

  • Portable and easy to  set up - merely clamp to any surface up to 1.5' thick.
  • Very easy to use.  No complicated instructions.
  • Typically used with a yarn swift, but not required (substitute the swift for a chair back,or a spare set of hands). 
  • Lots of years of use.  I've had mine for over 10 years and haven't stripped a gear yet.

That's it for winders and the scoop on one of my favorite go-to tools!

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Happy Knitting!

- Donna, Your Friendly Knitting Doctor