Yarn Review: Knit One Crochet Too Batiste Yarn

Knit One Crochet Too Batiste Yarn Review

Knit One Crochet Too Batiste Yarn Review

Today I was on a mission. My goal was to find a fiber for my spring knitting project that is just a little bit different.  I found it and it's called Batiste by Knit One Crochet Too.

First Thoughts: Visually Appealing & Nice To Touch

I like this fiber. It's looks a little bit like cotton, but hmmmm... there's something more here. I see a bits of random fiber that look  like corn silk (bet that's the linen), and then there's the color which is slightly heathered with a bit of a sheen (bet that's because of the silk). It's skin soft, so that would be the addition of the merino. Nice combination. The colors are appealing too. . . very much like watercolors.  Think refined and sophisticated.  And wait . . .  new Knit One Crochet Too Handpainted Batiste yarn just arrived and they are just GLORIOUSLY colored! Wait until you see them!

How Well Behaved?

So how will this fiber behave?  Very well, I'm thinking.  It will have a soft hand with a nice drape, but also have a little crispness stitch definition.  Looking at the plies also leads me to believe you won't have problems with yarn splitting.

Knit One Crochet Too also does a nice job providing just the right patterns to showcase this yarn too.  

Batiste Knitting Patterns

So there you have it - Batiste Yarn is a good choice for all-season knitting projects!

Happy Knitting,

Donna, Your Friendly Knitting Doctor