Plymouth Toybox Collection Yarn Review

Open the Toybox - Let's Play!

Plymouth Toybox is a trio of easy care yarns for babies and toddlers. Let’s look at the overall fiber characteristics these yarns have in common.  Each is skin soft, colorful, easy to launder. Count on this yarn to stand up to lots of childhood use and abuse. It’s also going to be an easy to knit yarn that won’t stick to your needles and can handle lots of do-overs and frogging (of course none of us ever do that).  Each skein has good yardage and is economical, too.

Toybox yarns are all the same weight and yardage, so you can use them interchangeably in patterns and projects.

Plymouth Toybox Collection:

  • Fiber Content: 100% Acrylic Yarn
  • Weight: 100 gram skein - approximately 240 yards per ball
  • Gauge: 5 stitches per inch on US 7 needles, worsted weight
  • Care: Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low

Ok, that’s why they are practical, but are they fun to work too.  Well, I think they are but you’ll be the judge. . . so let’s take a look!

Toybox Candy Yarn (above, left)

Plymouth Toybox Candy is mostly vivid crayon colors but there is an understated mauve and blue too.  These are very happy stripes and any of these color choices would be a fun one to knit.

Toybox Confetti Yarn (above, center)

Plymouth Toybox Confetti is as vivid as Candy, but softer with confetti dots of contrasting color. You’ll be able to use this with ribbing or cables patterns with great results.  Really any textured stitch is going to shine.  Traditional baby colors with a bit more color intensity.

Toybox Rainbow Yarn (above, right)

Plymouth Toybox Rainbow combines the happy striping of Candy and the sprinkles of Confetti.  The colorways range from the traditional striping often seen in baby yarns to several that new modern combos.  

Enjoy choosing your Toybox colors and the only thing left to do is to choose your blanket size and  yardage.  Need help with the size and yardage?  No worries.  We have that covered! Check out our Ultimate Baby Blanket Guide and follow the easy steps to create your own baby blanket.

Happy Knitting!


- Your Friendly Knitting Doctor